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Thesis submission day: Wed 28th January 2015, 13:56hrs

11 Feb

This is what I expected to feel like…








Followed by a little bit of this…







But it didn’t quite turn out that way.

The day started with early morning yoga practice at the gym, then a mad dash home to walk the dogs, feed them and get ready for what I realised was going to be a hectic day. I imagined submission day only to be about all things PhD thesis submission, but because I work full time, my diary was also filled with meetings, teaching prep and student issues. This meant submission was scheduled around my diary.

I had delivered my thesis to the printers the previous day with clear instructions (or so I thought) and was told that 4 bound copies (for 2 external examiners, 1 internal examiner and viva chair) would be ready by noon the following day. This was good as I had about a 45 minute window in-between work stuff around that time. Trying to focus on my morning work was challenging, but everything still felt ‘normal’. It’s weird because I didn’t expect everything to feel normal. To counteract this, every now and again, I would squeal and say ‘submission day, submission day, and submission day’ out loud. Sadly my roomy wasn’t there to share this activity.

Noon arrived and off I skipped to the printers, ensuring I told everyone I met in the building on my way out. After a 20 minute wait (started to think that was a sign), I was handed 4 bound copies which I stroked and smelt (I know this is normal by the way!). Flicking through my thesis with a big grin, my appendices wiped it clean off my face. My landscape pages were bound the wrong way which meant the page numbers were in the wrong place. I had specifically discussed this with the printers but they forgot. They were however apologetic and after asking if that would matter (wtf???), they agreed to re-bound within 2 hours. Needless to say, I didn’t skip back to the office and as luck would have it, I met everyone going in who I had met going out.

Two hours later and lots of thoughts about this being another sign, I returned to the office with 4 bound copies (and my arms hanging off). I should have taken a wheelie case. Although my next meeting was due to start in 30 minutes, I spent the next 20 taking selfies of me and my bound thesis (and before you start, I know this is normal too!). Then off to submission. It was a busy office with lots of students about and after saying to the person behind the desk, probably louder than I should have what I was there for, no-one batted an eyelid. Again, not really what I expected. Not to worry, a little inner squeal kept me going. Ten minutes later, I handed over the paperwork and said goodbye to my thesis. This time I did skip back to my office – but met no-one.

I just had time to grab my paperwork for the meeting I was now quite a bit late for and after apologising, explaining why (smugly) and gladly accepting congratulations, everything just carried on as normal. Again, not what I expected.

Home time, things were normal…. hmmmmm…. I took to twitter – much more excitement there from everyone. This was more like it! Later on in the evening, wine was poured – much better! Although I could only have a couple as I had to get up for work the next day.  Two days after that, I flew to Kuwait to work for a week (and also had a birthday while away). It was such a hectic week over there that I didn’t really have time for things to sink in either.  I‘ve been home for a few days now and after going straight back to work, it still feels quite surreal. Every now and again I have to remind myself that it’s submitted (then I squeal).

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely over the moon about submitting and at times, I still have to pinch myself. I can’t actually believe that after all this time, it’s in. I don’t really know what I expected on submission day, but it wasn’t that.

Was it just me? Did anyone else’s submission day feel weird? Was it how you expected? I would love to hear your experience (or just to be reassured that I’m normal)

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